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    Join the slow beer movement. Drink organic for a sustainable future.

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    how it started

    After a trip to Scotland, Patrick de Goede decides to turn his passion for beer into a business and launches True Brew Trade in 2014. In 2016 TBT got its certified organic label.

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    what drives us

    We aim to provide our customers with premium and organic craft beers that are tasty, healthy and eco-friendly.

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    what lies ahead

    We continuously expand and diversify our range and offer our customers healthier and more sustainable beer options.

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    what others say about us

  • Partners

    A quick overview of some the breweries we work with

    Black Isle beer coaster

    Black Isle Brewing Co Ltd

    Organic brewery in the heart of the Scottish highlands

    Black Isle brewery is based close to Inverness on a traditional organic farm where barley is grown. The brew-water comes from an on-site source 100 meters beneath the brewery. Their slogan: "SAVE THE PLANET DRINK ORANIC"


    Brauhaus Gusswerk  beer coaster

    Brauerei Gusswerk GmbH

    Organic brewery in Hof bei Salzburg, Austria

    Brauerei Gusswerk brews organic beer based on Austrian ingredients, without the use of any artificial additives and based on a traditional method which reveals the taste of a unique and true beer.


    Riedenburger  beer coaster

    Riedenburger Brauhaus Michael Krieger GmbH & Co. KG

    Organic brewery in Bavaria, Germany

    The owner couple Martha and Michael Krieger are engaged since the 80s in environmental protection. The ecological brewage philosophy is aimed at manufacturing pure, healthy and delicious beers as a resource of joy.


  • FAQs

    You ask, we'll answer.

    Where is your factory?

    All the beers we sell are crafted with love and passion at the different breweries.

    What is your most popular craft beer style?

    India Pale Ale aka IPA, the original version was a British export beer for India. The revived, updated IPA is the ultimate showcase for the delights of hops. IPAs come with extraordinary tastes and flavors, you won't find in standard beers.

    Why organic?


    There's little argument that the long-term value of organic agriculture is its huge environmental benefit. Simply by using no pesticides, organic farms cause far less polution to rivers, lakes and ground water, enhance soil quality and are safer for farm workers as well as wild animals and plants.

    How do you work with clients?


    We favour the immediacy of social contact and deal with customers promptly.

    Our main trade is with business customers.

    For large orders, we also deliver to private customers, eg weddings, house parties, club and other events.

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  • News

    True Brew Trade goes officially organic

    To ensure consumer trust, TBT has become certified organic LU-BIO-04 in November 2016.

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    CRIMSON GLORY Jubilee Beer

    It's been 3 years this July, since True Brew Trade Sàrl opened its doors. To mark the occasion, TBT launched its special jubilee beer, CRIMSON GLORY.


    Simon Martin from Real Ale Craft Beer has reviewed CRIMSON GLORY, to find out his rating, just click the link: Crimson Glory Jubilee Beer by Brauhaus Gusswerk


    CRIMSON GLORY is a red ale, unfiltered and unpasteurised, made with top fermenting yeast and five different types of malt. It's brewed in proper Gusswerk tradition in Austria. The small batch red ale of 4,7% ABV is a temporary offer.